Independence day- yet another year to feel happy in unison...! This year too we have infinite reasons to be happy and proud, like really! In between all the political and social news, We are super duper happy with India's performance at the Global stage.

Happy Independence Day, everyone! Wearing the tricolor is a yearly affair that every office, school, and parade put on to honor this very important day. What did it mean to us? While for some it was about bringing out their ethnic stash, for others it was about the freedom to dress the way they want; free from the moral police! Take a cue from our trendy-office peeps, and up your patriotic style.

While the best way to showcase these pride-worthy colors is to go all out desi, the neo-Indian could wear it with a show of modern aesthetics. You could play around with your colors by mixing and matching your pieces to create a colour-blocked look. Palazzos with blouses, a bodycon dress, a sporty tee with jeans- you literally have endless combinations that’ll help you brave your sartorial style.

When it came to men, If mundu-style isn’t for you, there’s always the humble kurta (preferably khadi) and a Nehru collar jacket (just avoid trying to look like a Neta!). Or follow in line with the rest of the men, who showed off a check and stripe parade in the flag’s colors. And in case you’re playing it casually, the polo T-shirt with its bold stripes can always make-do. 


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