Tips to shop from pre-owned clothing stores.

Money is tight for us right now so paying full price for items isn’t an option. Let’s be honest, even if we had the money, I can’t bear to spend a lot on everyday clothing. A few special occasion pieces now and then, of course. But for the “everyday uniform” type clothing, I’d rather put that money elsewhere.

The untried shop is an online shop of used clothes and new surplus high street brands. If you worried about trying to use, don’t worry, this is no frugality shop. Untried is super picky about what it accepts. 

Now, here’s some advice for making the untried shop work for you:

Have an idea of what you want. 

The site has thousands of unique items. It can be overwhelming to browse through them. So you need to have some basic idea of what you’re looking for to narrow down the search. It helps to know some brands that have worked well for you in the past and narrow it down to those. The more modifiers you can use the better. Search for your specific size, desired color, and cut.

Order more than you want.

If you ordered a few items, you might be more likely to keep the pieces you don’t love & no disappointed if most items go back. A good guideline is to return half of what you order. At least until you become more comfortable with choosing sizes and styles that will work for you.

Have pragmatic expectations.

When we spend an entire day at the mall trying on clothes, Often we go home empty handed too. You spent very little time compared to choosing clothes and trying them on. So you won't feel as frustrated as you would have had spent an unproductive day of shopping at the mall.

Research your sizing.

We propose you stick with familiar brands – you can check things as of now in your Wardrobe for sizing. (In spite of the fact that with the free shipping and full refund, don't be reluctant to experiment with some new brands, maybe ones you've generally appreciated.)

We trust everybody need to have helpful and moderate access to the brands and styles. You can locate the same products which you'd find in retail locations yet at up to 85% off.


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